Understanding Ijtihad

By Surkheel Abu Aaliyah The science that evolved in understanding the shari‘ah, or Sacred Law of Islam, is called fiqh: usually translated as “jurisprudence”, and comes from the word faqiha, meaning: “to understand”. Fiqh, therefore, is all about understanding these… Read More ›

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  • Studying a School of Law (Madhab) vs. Studying Preferred Opinions

    Source: Ismail Ibrahim Answer by Salih Al-Usaymi Preferred opinion? What on earth is the preferred opinion!? Brothers, this concept of “studying according to the preferred opinion” is a mistake when acquiring knowledge. Preferred opinions are the legal preferences an independent researcher… Read More ›

  • The Truth About Taqlid

    By Surkheel (Abu Aaliyah) Sharif The initial era of Islam produced many great jurists and legalists: men who not only possessed exceptional acumen, but who led profoundly spiritual lives too. These jurists have been described as ‘grammarians of the Divine… Read More ›

  • Al-Muttaqun: Those Mindful of God

    Allah Says [meaning of which is]: “Allah loves those who are mindful of Him (Al-Muttaqeen)” [Qur’an 9:4]. The word Muttaqun comes from the word Taqwa. It is reported that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “Taqwa is here” and he pointed to his… Read More ›

  • Story of a Poor Afghan Girl in Pakistan

    In the West, I always find Muslim relief organizations using images of poor children to raise money. I’ve always wanted to speak to them, to understand where they came from, and how they ended up in their plight. Coincidentally, during… Read More ›

  • A Change in Perspective: My Visit to Sialkot, Pakistan

    Here in my birth city of Sialkot, Pakistan about 90% of women wear traditional Islamic clothing (hijab with jilbab) while the rest wear the traditional shalwar kameez with some wearing the hijab with it and others not. So it’s relatively… Read More ›