Last Moments…

You lay all alone in a dark room staring at the ceiling
All of a sudden you start to sense a strange feeling

You feel the shortness of your breath and the pain around your heart
You begin to speculate that your Qiyamah may be about to start

You try to scream, shout, and flee the room without success
You begin to remember your sins and feel perhaps you may have failed the test

You try to utter the shahadah but your tongue refuses due to panic
You think to yourself “This must be due to my actions which were influentially satanic!”

You try to hope for the Mercy of your Lord but cannot keep your disobedience out of your mind
You realize today that your Lord had given you enough time and been to you most Kind

You look here and look there trying to locate the angel of death
Imagining whether he’ll say you’ve passed or failed the test!

Your breath shortens and blackness starts to cover your eyes
No human being is around to stand by your lonely side

One blink and BEHOLD! The angel of death sits at your head! Your life is over, the judgment started, and you can imagine the rest…


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