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Advice of a Sick Relative

Oh members of my Kin, listen carefully to this message of mine
For I do not know, when will be the end of my time

So read carefully with ultimate heed and be not hasty
For I have written this specifically for you, faithfully

Know that this life is nothing but the blink of an eye
Soon, towards us the angel of death will appear and not be shy

So before then be haste towards deeds which will benefit you with your Lord
And be not deceived by the people of this planet who are upon a slippery road

Do you not see those who live their life to the fullest of their strength
But when death approaches them, they feel as if their life had meaningless length

How do you wish to be remembered in this life of yours
As the one who lived a life of pleasure or the one who worshipped Allah on all fours

Strive, O members of my kin, to the obedience of Allah and His Mercy
Know, that He Watches over your actions even when you do them in secrecy

Think carefully of your actions and know that you will meet Him on an individual level
He Will question you regarding all that you have done, so be not deceived by the devil

Live your life sincerely for Allah by doing all that He asked and keeping away from all that He forbade
And this can only be accomplished by gaining knowledge of your religion so do not let it fade

Go out and seek the understanding of your religion
Before a day comes when the punishment of Allah comes to you like a legion

Death has not approached you yet, so you still have a small window of time
Daily you are approaching closer to your grave, so take this as a serious sign

Be not of those who are neglectful of their five prayers
Say them upon time and know that the Most Powerful Has commanded this affair

And fast completely the month of Ramadhan unless you have a valid excuse
Know, that on the day of Judgement, before Allah, your sorrow will be of no use

And forget not those who are poor and weak amongst you
Be kind and generous to them so that Allah may also be similarly with you

Be not saddened after my death, O members of family
For this departure of separation is only temporarily

A day will come when we shall be created again and raised before our Lord
Being asked about things which through His Messengers we were told

So prepare yourselves, O members of my kin, for a day which is most horrifying
And pray to the One Who Watches over you, to take your soul in the act of glorifying (His Praises)



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