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Knowledge Without Action

What is the point of knowledge when one does not follow
Is he blind from its benefits or has his heart become severely hollow?

Does he not fear the punishment which he is aware of better than others?
How will he respond to the angels of death when they take his soul even beneath the covers?

Is he not better aware of standing before his Lord on the destined day?
How will he respond when Allah tells him, “I gave you knowledge but yet you did not obey!”

Do you think you will disobey and then repent at a later age before death?
Then you have clearly fallen into the trap of the devil because Allah Alone Knows your life’s length!

Repent now as we speak so that you may not waste another second in disobedience to your Lord
Act upon your knowledge, O fool, and slay the whisperings of the devil with eeman as your sword!


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