Love of This World

Oh son of Adam do not attach yourself to worldly things
For if you were to lose it, it would cause painful stings (in your heart)

It would cause you sorrow, sadness, and great depression
And it would leave upon your heart a deep impression

The worldly delights are nothing but temporary
You may possess a thing today but tomorrow it may become history

Rather attach yourself to afterlife and the Creator who is Eternal and never dies
Keep your heart away from worldly infatuations and do not be deceived by the devil’s lies

Your heart will find great disappointments if attached to things of this world
Would you not rather attach yourself to paradise in which there are palaces of gold?

This world and all that is in it is temporary and will soon perish to dust
So do not waste your life and deeds away with love, infatuation, or lust

If you fell into the trap (of the devil) and lost that which you love of this life
Then endure it with patience and know that it is the Will of the Most Wise

Perhaps that which you most desired was not good for you
And your Lord with His Perfect Wisdom kept it away from you

So be not remorseful at your loss and break not your heart
Know that the pleasures of paradise will make you forget all that you have lost


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