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Phasing Out of Ramadhan

The blessed month was upon us and sinfulness in us had become weak
Obedience to our Creator was all our hearts could think to seek

Efforts towards our Lord’s Pleasure had become easy for us to grasp
This was a Mercy from our Lord since He Had the devils trapped

Righteous deeds seemed more beautified while sinfulness as ever hideous
Pursuing His obedience had us excited while disobeying Him made us furious

The good deeds raised our eeman and we felt closer to our Lord
And we felt ashamed in engagement of the life we were living before

We felt a need for change for good in our life
To achieve it we were willing to strictly strive

Then the blessed month came to an end
And the devils were now again sent

The disgust and guilt of sin from our hearts began to evaporate
Daily we begin to care less and less of our state

Now the blessed month seems something of the past
Our nafs and devil advise us that “You are free at last!”

Obedience to Ar-Rahman has become difficult to endure
The devil has found us an easy target to lure

Sinful disobedience has become something of insignificant nature
However, something deep inside of me is fearful of our future

Now I sit here and ponder over the purpose of our existence
And what would occur if my soul was taken at this very instance


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