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Strange is the Affair of a Muslim

How strange is the affair of a Muslim…

He testifies to the perfect Wisdom of His Lord
Yet complains when his Creator decrees for him a certain road

He supplicates to his Lord to grant him what is good in this world
Yet when He grants good to him, he becomes dissatisfied and cruel

He wishes to attain paradise and all the pleasures that are in it
Yet he indulges in sin and transgression which take him far away from it

He hopes that Allah Will be pleased when he meets Him after death
Yet in order to attain such a status, his deeds are not set

He testifies to the beauty and perfection of the Qur’an
Yet when he recites or ponders it, to its closeness he is not drawn

He claims to love Allah’s Messenger and hopes to be close to him in the hereafter
Yet he does not take him as an example for his character

He shows respect and love towards the scholars of Islam
Yet he ignorantly refuses to follow their advices in reaching Ihsaan (perfection of worship)

How strange indeed is the affair of such a Muslim…


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