Islamic Studies Options for Those Residing in the United States

Many young Muslim students in the United States who aspire to learn Islamic sciences have a strong desire to travel overseas in order to learn their religion.  However, for most of them it is not a possibility due to personal, work, or university obligations.  Many of them hold on to a false hope that they will eventually travel overseas to master the sciences of their religion and return as qualified Islamic da’ees or instructors.  This leads them to become lazy and neglectful to do anything to further their knowledge of the religion with the resources that are available in their lands.  Even though traveling to a Muslim country to learn from numerous Islamic scholars is probably the best option, it should not hinder a true student of knowledge from fulfilling his thirst for Islamic sciences if going abroad is not an option for him/her.  There have been many efforts made to make the goal of learning Islam easier for those Muslims who cannot travel overseas to study.

Following is a list of some options currently available (there may be others as well):

  1. Islamic Online University
  2. Bayyinah Institute
  3. Mishkah: Islamic University of North America
  4. Foundation for Knowledge & Development
  5. Jamaal Zarabozo’s Website
  6. American Open University
  7. Tooba University
  8. AlMaghrib Institute
  9. Knowledge International University
  10. Islamic University of Minnesota
  11. Arees Institute
  12. New Muslim Academy
  13. Islamic Learning Foundation

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