Worship Without Tazkiyyah

By Samir Hussain

Forcing yourself to do more acts of worship and devotion without working on your foundations is self-destructive.

If you find yourself enjoying acts of worship, devotion and remembrance less, or start to feel them to be more taxing and arduous, then know that you have been neglecting your foundations: the actions of the heart.

Take a good chunk of time out alone for quiet reflection and conversation with Allah either in the mosque or in places of natural beauty, and take some time to read the Qur’ān purely for enjoyment and guidance (not to memorize, review or fulfill a wird), or the Sīrah.

This is a reminder to myself before others.

May Allah make the wajibāt, the obligatory actions, and mustahabāt, the recommended actions, easy and light, and may He make the muharamāt, the prohibited actions, and makruhāt, the disliked actions, heavy and difficult. Amīn.


Categories: Tazkiyyah (Spiritual Development)

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