Fortifying Faith in an Age of Faithlessness

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In this insightful video address, Dr. Ali Ataie offers perceptive insights on fortifying one’s faith in an increasingly faithless world. He explores the theological challenges faced by confessional students in the Academy facing the doctrine of untruth–post-modernism. These University students struggle to articulate responses for their belief and often end up leaving faith altogether.

Dr. Ataie emphasizes the need for both spiritual and intellectual work as the remedy. He stresses the importance of gratitude, the priority of knowledge, and forming intellectually strong arguments for our beliefs and morals, enjoining the importance of principle even if people may take offence. He also emphasizes the importance of following and learning the Prophetic example for spiritual fortification.

About the Speaker:

Ustadh Dr. Ali Ataie is a leading scholar in comparative religion. He currently lectures at Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California. He has taught at several Western academic institutions.

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