Surah Al-Ikhlas: A Brief Explanation


This chapter was revealed during the Meccan period. It discusses the attributes of Allah the Exalted, the One and Unique. The chapter compiles some of Allah’s perfect attributes that exist at all times. Allah is One who is free of any need, deficient attributes, similarity, and resemblance.

It is also a refutation against the Christians who said that Allah is three (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) and the idol worshipers who ascribed to Him descendants and progeny.

Explanation of the Verses


Say, He is Allah, [who is] One

  • Say O’ Messenger: He is Allah, the One unique in His divinity, lordship, names, and attributes. No one shares with Him in any of those qualities.


Allah, the Sustainer

  • Allah alone is sought in completion of all [our] needs and desires.


He has never had offspring, nor was He born

  • He neither has a child, a parent, nor a wife.


And there is none comparable to Him

  • There is nothing comparable nor similar to Him in His creation whether it be in His names, attributes, or actions. He is truly unique in every way.

Source: Al-Tafseer Al-Muyassar and Safwah Al-Tafaseer

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