Ibn Mulaqqin’s Tadhkirah: Brief Notes on Hadith Terminology

This is a translation and brief notes on the text completed by Br. Abu Hasan in 1988. It is one of the first books taught to students interested in the sciences of ĥadīth. For those who can understand Arabic, there is a good explanation of it by Sh. Abdullah al-Bukhari that can be found here.

Imām Ibn Mulaqqin (723-804 AH) is a famous ĥadīth master and Shafi’ jurist. This is a list of terms used in ĥadīth sciences, which he summarised from his two-volume work on ĥadīth principles named: Al-Muqniý fī Úlūm al-Ĥadīth.

Many terms are left unexplained or described tersely in the original text. I have tried to explain them drawing from other works, such as Shaykh Ábdullāh Sirājuddīn’s commentary on Bayqūniyyah, and Imām Sakhāwī’s commentary, Al-Tawđīĥ al-Ab’har li Tadhkirati Ibn alMulaqqin fi Ílm al-Athar. In some places, footnotes from the printed edition (on which this translation is based) are also used; this is published by Dar Ammar (editor: Álī Ĥasan Ábd al-Ĥamīd), 1988. Examples on the margins are also drawn from Muqaddimah Ibn Şalāĥ and Manhal al-Rawī of Ibn Jamāáh among other works.


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