Story of Prophet Adam (pbuh) for Kids Aged 3+ (Free Download)

My daughter’s around that age now (3.5 years) where we can start introducing religious conepts. There is nothing good out there for 3-4 year olds to introduce religion to them. Most good stuff is geared towards 7+ years.

So I decided to do my own book for her age using Google Slides. I’ve read enough non-religious books to her for her level to understand how to write one for myself. I know what vocabulary and sentence structures she recognizes. I’m starting with the Story of Adam to introduce Allah as the Creator of everything and connect it to the story of Adam and then us.

The key thing is to turn it into a dialogue so every slide comes with a question that the reader asks the child to remphasize a concept in the discussion before moving to the next slide. I used a book written for older kids as a template. I’m basically dumbing it down for 3-4 year olds. For catchy pictures, I used Google images to find cartoon images related to the discussion in each slide.

I’ve been reading it to my daughter for the past few days and she really likes it! So I guess it is a success alhamdulillah! Now, I am sharing it here for other parents who may be interested as well. A few suggestions before giving you the download link (it’s free!):

I wrote this story with my 3.5 yrs old in mind. Your kid(s) might be at a higher/lower level. You can either run it as a powerpoint presentation directly from the link (preferred) or download it as a pdf and get it printed. If you want to customize it yourself and gear it more towards your own child’s needs, if my version is not doing it for your kid, then you can download it as a powerpoint presentation and just edit it yourself using Microsoft powerpoint. You know your kids better anyone else. Think about how you can retell the story in a way so that your kid(s) will get the themes presented. (If you run it directly from the site, it flips screens which is a cool feature that my kid loves and kind of brings the story to life.)

Under every slide, I have a section called “Question”. This is for you, the parent, to discuss each slide with your kid before moving to the next one. The point of this dialogue is to re-emphasize the message in their mind and make sure they understand the story. Don’t spend too long on it otherwise your kid(s) might get bored and frustrated. Just move them along the story as best you can while having a short dialogue with them about the theme(s) being discussed in every slide.

You don’t have to pose the questions the way I did. You can customize it in whatever way suits your kid(s) needs. Some of this is trial and error. Just try it and if it works, then great, otherwise, try some other way to ask it.

Ideally, I am trying to do this story with my kid at most once a day and at least once a week. My goal is to go over it with her enough times so that she can retell it in her own words. When the picture from any of the slides come up, she should be able to summarize that section for me the best she can at her level. Even if she doesn’t get all of it but she should be able to get the gist of it. This is just my own way to measure how well she is succeeding in understanding the story, you can do your own way.

Finally, please provide me some feedback after and how it went. I’d love to make more resources for parents to bring their kids closer to the deen insha’Allah if this one is received well.


You can also view the book on YouTube below because I converted it to a short YouTube video.

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