Translation and Notes: Salvation of the Successors in Beliefs of the Predecessors (Najaat al-Khalaf)

This is a complete translation of a short treatise on Athari creed written by the Hanbali scholar Uthman ibn Ahmad ibn Sa’eed An-Najdi or more popularly known as Ibn Qa’id. I have also included extensive footnotes based on the explanation of the book by Shaykh Ismail Hakamali and Shaykh Faris Falih

Shaykh Ismail only provided an explanation for half of the book unfortunately, so I plan to update the notes once he’s completed it insha’Allah. In my opinion, the explanation of Shaykh Ismail was more superior to that of Shaykh Faris. I wanted to wait until he finishes it but there is no immediate timeline if and when it will be completed.

About the Author

The author began his studies in Najd and then moved to Shaam where he studied with Abdul Baqi, the student of Imam al-Bahuti. Afterwards, he went to Egypt to study with al-Khalwati, the nephew of Imam al-Bahuti. Ibn Qa’id is considered from the golden chain of Hanbali scholars who are as follows from the latest to the oldest:

Ibn ‘Awadh -> Ibn Qa’id -> Al-Khalwati -> al-Bahuti

He also wrote a very important annotation on the Hanbali fiqh manual Muntahaa al-Iradaat. He has a number of other works as well.

This book is available to download either as a free PDF or a paid paperback version from Amazon.

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