Summary of Hanbali Creed

Recently, Sh. Mubarak ibn Rashid al-Hathlaan published a small booklet summarizing the Hanbali/Athari creed as stated in the Athari books: Al-‘Ayn wa al-Athar, Qala’id al-Iqyan, and Najaat al-Khalaf. The author’s main objective is to provide a glimpse of the creed of Hanbalis/Atharis without going into details. The author chose these three texts because they represent the canonized (mu’tamad) creed of the Hanbalis/Atharis.

I have translated the text into English and provided footnotes explaining various points and phrases using a combination of Sh. Abdul Rahman Al-Salti’s brief commentary of the book on his YouTube channel and Qala’id al-Iqyan, which provides more details than this text in various points. I hope it can serve as a starting point for beginner level aqeedah students, whether they are able to access the Arabic language or not. After completing this book, the student can move onto more detailed books, such as the three from which the author took, and others. The other books are discussing the same points mentioned in this summarized text except that they go into more details providing evidence, secondary level details, and some even the differences within and outside the school, etc.

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