About Me

The Thinking Muslim is not in reference to any particular person, rather, it is an attribute and a quality of an individual. It is a Muslim who not only thinks deeply about his own faith but also about the society in which he/she resides.

I started this blog to share things which I find interesting and fascinating about Islam and life in general, which I hope will lead to a stronger spiritual, intellectual, and social development for myself and my readers. I hope the readers find the articles on this blog just as intriguing as I found them while penning them down.

I ask Allah to bless me in this endeavor and make it beneficial for myself and others in this life and the afterlife.

About Me

I am an American raised Muslim and a student of Islamic sciences who:

  • Has a B.S. degree in Information Technology
  • Has a B.A. degree in Islamic Studies
  • Follower of the Hanbali school of law

This blog is sort of like my personal space to share ideas with the world and discuss things of interest to me related to Islam and the Muslim world. Hope you like it!

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