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Islam Basics

Islam: Empire of Faith (video) – A documentary, made in 2000, that details the history of Islam, from the birth of the Islamic Prophet, Muhammad to the Ottoman Empire

The Basics of Islam for Non-Muslims (video) – Yusuf Estes, a popular Muslim preacher, explaining basic stuff about Islam.

Crash Course – Islam, the Quran and the Five Pillars (video) – John Green teaches you the history of Islam, including the revelation of the Qu’ran to Muhammad, the five pillars of Islam, how the Islamic empire got its start, the Rightly Guided Caliphs, and more. Also, learn a little about the split between Sunni and Shia Muslims.

Islam Basics 101 (video) – Gives a quick overview of key beliefs and practices of Islam.

A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam (e-book) – Introductory book on Islam designed for non-Muslims. It explains some of the fundamentals of Islam, as well signifying verses of the Quran and how they relate to science and the world around us.

Arabs vs Muslims (video) – Gives statistics on Muslims in the U.S. as well as around the world and clears some misunderstandings people have about Muslims.


Read Meaning of the Quran in English Online for Free (e-book) – Read the complete “translation” of the Quran in English. Has some footnotes for further clarification.

The Quran: The Eternal Living Miracle of God (video) – Every prophet was given miracles by Allah to prove his prophethood. Jesus (pbuh) healed lepers and resurrected the dead. Moses (pbuh) converted his staff into a snake and parted the sea in half. Muslims believe Muhammad’s (pbuh) miracle was the Quran.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Muhammad, the Last Prophet (video) – BBC documentary on the Life of Muhammad (pbuh).

Muhammad, The Prophet (video) – History channel documentary on Muhammad (pbuh), Prophet of Islam. He is followed by around 1.5 billions Muslims today and believed to be the Final Messenger of God and restorer of the teachings of Abraham, Moses and Jesus (peace be upon them all) for all mankind. Who was he? What were his teachings? How does he have relevance for the world today?

A Detailed Study of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Life and Times (video) – Dr. Yasir Qadhi gives a detailed analysis of the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from the original sources.

Animated Movie – Muhammad: The Last Prophet (video) – The first animated feature film about Islam’s Prophet; Muhammad (pbuh). The movie aims to introduce the story of Islam and its Prophet to new generations in the appealing and accessible medium of animation. Though the Prophet is not personified, sound and cinematography are employed in the telling of his story. The film is directed by Disney veteran Richard Rich

Prophecies of Muhammad (pbuh) (article) – Prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad which were fulfilled in his lifetime and after his death

Miracles of Muhammad (pbuh) [see also this] (articles) – Muhammad’s (pbuh) great miracles were witnessed by thousands of believers and skeptics, following some of which verses of the Quran were revealed mentioning the supernatural events.

Biblical Prophecies on the Advent of Muhammad (pbuh) (article) – Muslims believe that Muhammad (pbuh) was prophesized to appear in the previous and original books of the Jews and Christians.


A Collection of Statements and Actions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) (e-book) – This is a popular book for the layman in the Muslim world entitled ‘Gardens of the Righteous’, which is a collection of various statements and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for daily life.


Islamic Concept on Salvation (video)

Misconceptions about Islam (video)

Did Muhammad (pbuh) Believe in Women’s Rights? (video)

Jesus in Islam

Jesus in Islam (video)

History Channel Documentary: Muslim Jesus (video)

Jesus: A Prophet of Islam (video)

Return of Jesus (video)

Islam & Terrorism

Muslims Not Doing Enough to Fight Terrorism/Extremism? Wrong! (article) – A list of news reports and articles indicating how Muslims have consistently spoken out against terrorism in their religion’s name.

Muslims Condemn Terrorist Attacks (article) – This page focuses on condemnations of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and other terrorist incidents since then as well as of terrorism in general. It is not a complete listing of all condemnations written or spoken by Muslims but is intended to provide a representative sample.

Open Letter to Al-Baghdadi (website) – A letter written to the leader of ISIS by hundreds of Muslim leaders and scholars condemning his actions and followers and theologically refuting their ideology.

How “Islamic” is the Islamic State? (article)

How religious are ‘Islamic terrorists’ like ISIL? (video)

Muslim Americans Are More Likely to Reject Violence, Intolerance Than Many Other Americans (article)

Are Mosques Conduits For Extremism? How Muslim Leaders Are Fighting Terrorism (article)

How US mosques genuinely help fight extremism (article)

Who Speaks for Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think (video)

How leaked ISIS documents make a joke of the Muslim reformers (article) – More  than 70 percent of ISIS recruits self-described their understanding of Islam and Islamic law as “basic,” which corroborates with a swathe of earlier leaks, interviews, and investigations into the Islamic State.

Muslim Leaders Wage Theological Battle, Stoking ISIS Anger – As the military and political battle against the Islamic State escalates, Muslim imams and scholars in the West are fighting on another front — through theology.  The Islamic State, however, has taken notice. The group recently threatened the lives of 11 Muslim imams and scholars in the West, calling them “apostates” who should be killed. The death threats are a sign that Muslim religious leaders have antagonized the Islamic State, according to analysts who are studying the militant group. Their growing influence also contradicts those who claim that Muslim leaders have been silent in the fight against violent extremism.

A warmer embrace of Muslims could stop homegrown terrorism – Studies show that many Western policies that aim to prevent terrorism may actually be causing it. They also suggest that cultivating anti-immigrant or anti-Islamic sentiment is deeply counterproductive. Anti-immigrant discourse is likely to fuel support for extremism, rather than squelch it.


Dalia Mogahed: What Do You Think When You Look At Me? (video) – A Muslim woman speaking about her experience as a Muslim in the U.S.

Islamophobia Network (website) – Explore the $57 million network fueling Islamophobia in the United States

Islamophobia.org (website) – This website is a project of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) Department to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia

Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project (website) – The Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project (IRDP), an initiative of the Center for Race & Gender, focuses on a systematic and empirical approach to the study of Islamophobia and its impact on the American Muslim community.

Grayzone Project (website) – Hosted by AlterNet.org, the Grayzone Project mobilizes the power of online journalism to defend co-existence, confront Islamophobia, and expose bigotry.

Bridge Initiative (website) – Based in Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, The Bridge Initiative is a multi-year research project that connects the academic study of Islamophobia with the public square.

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