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Seeking Knowledge, Usul al-Fiqh (Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence)

Islamic Philosophy of Knowledge

The following are my notes from a lecture explaining one of the chapters in Shaykh al-Uthyameen’s book al-Usool min ‘ilm al-Usool. It is a basic level book on Hanbali usool. Definition of knowledge: Knowledge is a definitive realization of something based on its true reality Not having any realization or understanding of something is referred to as plain ignorance Ex: if someone asks you when the battle of Badr took place and you respond, “I don’t know.” Realization or understanding of something based on a false reality is referred to as compound ignorance Ex: if someone thinks that the battle…

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Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Seeking Knowledge

How to Study the Hanbali Madhab From Beginner to Advanced

The first thing to do when a student wants to study Hanbali fiqh in a serious manner is to find a teacher. There is no way getting around this condition. It does not matter how many books, commentaries, or lectures you listen to, if you are not engaging with the texts of the school directly with a teacher to guide you through them, then there is a strong possibility of making serious flaws and having numerous misunderstandings. If you do not know where to find one in your area, then reach out to groups like المدرسة الحنبلية. They offer inexpensive…

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Reviews, Seeking Knowledge

Review of International Open University’s (IOU) BAIS Program

Update (June 1, 2019): I have decided to release my complete notes for many of the courses I studied at the university in hopes that it will bring benefit to the readers and a more enlightened ummah. These are the very notes I used to study for my exams at the university. In fact, they are the only thing I used. You can download them all here. After five years of studying, reviewing, memorizing, and stressing out, I am proud to say that I finally graduated from International Open University’s Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies (BAIS) program. It was…

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Arabic Language, Seeking Knowledge

Some Really Helpful Resources for Students of the Arabic Language

Please note that the following is not a complete list of beneficial materials out there on the topic. It is only a reflection of my own personal experience and things which I’ve found beneficial. It is also assumed that the reader does not plan to study Arabic in the Middle East. For those who do plan or are currently studying Arabic overseas, then please refer to this great article on the topic. Arabic Courses With a Live Teacher Institute of Linguists – (update 6/12/2019) This is the institute that I am currently studying in right now to develop fluency in Arabic.…

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Islamic Texts
Seeking Knowledge

Islamic Studies Options in the West

Many young Muslim students in the United States who aspire to learn Islamic sciences have a strong desire to travel overseas in order to learn their religion.  However, for most of them it is not a possibility due to personal, work, or university obligations.  Many of them hold on to a false hope that they will eventually travel overseas to master the sciences of their religion and return as qualified Islamic da’ees or instructors.  This leads them to become lazy and neglectful to do anything to further their knowledge of the religion with the resources that are available in their lands.…

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Akhlaaq (Manners), Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Seeking Knowledge

The Youth Should Have Open Minds & Hearts Regarding Differences of Opinion Among the Scholars

By Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen The youth who adhere to their Religion and are concerned with the da’wah should have open minds and hearts regarding differences of opinion among the scholars, finding a good excuse for the scholar who supports a view, which in their mind, is wrong. This is an issue of paramount importance, for there are those who search out for and scrutinize the mistakes of others, with the intention of ruining their reputation, and this is from the greatest of mistakes. If backbiting a common man [i.e., one who is neither a scholar nor a student of…

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