Muhammad (pbuh)
Seerah (Prophet's Life)

Recommended Seerah Books to Read in English

It is important to study the seerah (prophet’s life) from beginning to end to properly understand the context and why and how things happened the way they did. Unfortunately, it seems many Muslims have either never studied his life or are only familiar with cherry picked snippets of his life to suit certain agendas and preconceived conclusions by completely abandoning the context. Here are a few of my favorites that I have actually read and liked in the English language. You can find them all on Amazon. Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources by Martin Lings – This…

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History, Seerah (Prophet's Life)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): Life Before the Revelation

Early Childhood He was born as Muhammad ibn Abdullah (pbuh) in the year 570 CE in Mecca. He was a direct descendant of Ismaeel through Ibrahim. His father’s name was Abdullah and his mother’s name was Amina. His father died a few months before his birth on a business trip. After he was born, he was sent by his mother to live with a Bedouin family for a few years in the desert and be nursed, as desert life was customarily considered healthier for infants. There Muhammad (pbuh) stayed with his foster-mother, Halimah bint Abi Dhuayb, and her husband until…

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Contemporary Issues, Seerah (Prophet's Life)

Muslims in the West: Prophetic Guidance on Dealing With Bad Perception & Persecution

Us Muslims here in the U.S. are facing three main problems with regards to our image and rights: Weak political support Bad public opinion Islamophobia In many ways, this is no different than the Meccan phase of the da’wah during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). They too had the above three problems. As Muslims, I think it is important for us to look into how he dealt with it. After all, he is our ultimate guide. When I personally reflect over the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and how he dealt with the above mentioned problems, I can…

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Dawah/Non-Muslims, Seerah (Prophet's Life)

Controversy Over Maria the Copt, the Concubine of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

In this video, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi covers the 8-10th year of Hijrah and the death of his son Ibrahim. Also covered are the topics of: -Maria the Coptic (Maria al-Qibtiyya) who was gifted to the Prophet (pbuh) by Juraih ibn Meena (Cyrus of Alexandria), the Patriarch from Egypt, as a custom of that time -Death of Ibrahim, the son of Prophet (pbuh) -Traditions and customs of previous generations such as slavery and multiple wives (ie, Multiple wives of Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon in the bible) -Concept of prisoners of war (POW) in Islam It is imperative and necessary to…

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Akhlaaq (Manners), Seerah (Prophet's Life), Tazkiyyah (Spiritual Development)

Inside of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) House and His Belongings (3D Replica)

This following images and video is a beautiful replica of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) House shown in 3D. This exhibition was held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is built based on the narrations (hadiths). This model is very important for us to understand the modesty of the Prophet (pbuh). In addition to the video below, you can view some more images here.

Dog in a Cage
Akhlaaq (Manners), Seerah (Prophet's Life)

Animal Rights in Islam: Examples of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Mercy Towards Animals

Example 1 Following three narrations are all on the same topic. 1)  Ibn ‘Abbas reported Allah’s Messenger (s) having said: “Do not make anything having a soul as a target.” (Muslim) 2) Ibn ‘Umar happened to pass by some young men of the (tribe of) Quraish who had tied a bird (and made it a target) at which they had been shooting arrows.  Every arrow that they missed came into the possession of the owner of the bird.  No sooner did they see Ibn ‘Umar, they went away. Thereupon, Ibn ‘Umar said: “Who has done this? Allah has cursed him who…

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Akhlaaq (Manners), Dawah/Non-Muslims, Seerah (Prophet's Life)

Examples of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Mercy Towards Non-Muslims

Example 1 ‘Aisha narrated: That she asked the Prophet (s) , ‘Have you encountered a day harder than the day of the battle) of Uhud?” The Prophet (s) replied, “Your tribes have troubled me a lot, and the worse trouble was the trouble on the day of ‘Aqaba when I presented myself to Ibn `Abd-Yalail bin `Abd-Kulal and he did not respond to my demand. So I departed, overwhelmed with excessive sorrow, and proceeded on, and could not relax till I found myself at Qarnath-Tha-alib where I lifted my head towards the sky to see a cloud shading me unexpectedly.…

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