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Phasing Out of Ramadhan

The blessed month was upon us and sinfulness in us had become weak Obedience to our Creator was all our hearts could think to seek Efforts towards our Lord’s Pleasure had become easy for us to grasp This was a Mercy from our Lord since He Had the devils trapped Righteous deeds seemed more beautified …

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Advice of a Sick Relative

Oh members of my Kin, listen carefully to this message of mine For I do not know, when will be the end of my time So read carefully with ultimate heed and be not hasty For I have written this specifically for you, faithfully Know that this life is nothing but the blink of an …

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Knowledge Without Action

What is the point of knowledge when one does not follow Is he blind from its benefits or has his heart become severely hollow? Does he not fear the punishment which he is aware of better than others? How will he respond to the angels of death when they take his soul even beneath the …

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Love of This World

Oh son of Adam do not attach yourself to worldly things For if you were to lose it, it would cause painful stings (in your heart) It would cause you sorrow, sadness, and great depression And it would leave upon your heart a deep impression The worldly delights are nothing but temporary You may possess …

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Day Of Judgement

Behold! Now you stand before your Lord Remembering in life this day about which you were told Now you stand in His presence full of fear and a little hope You try to remember whether you took hold of His rope You see the angels standing in rows ready to strike You realize, today there …

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Warning to the Fornicator

Do you really think life is just about sex? Are you not aware that you are in the middle of a test? There are witnesses around you whom you cannot see If the angel of death were to appear at that moment, how would you flee? Your Creator (Allah) watches your actions from above you …

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