Tazkiyyah (Spiritual Development)

How to Taste the Sweetness of Faith

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) is reported to have said in a hadith: ثَلَاثٌ مَن كُنَّ فيه وجَدَ حَلَاوَةَ الإيمَانِ: أنْ يَكونَ اللّهُ ورَسولُهُ أحَبَّ إلَيْهِ ممَّا سِوَاهُمَا، وأَنْ يُحِبَّ المَرْءَ لا يُحِبُّهُ إلَّا لِلَّهِ، وأَنْ يَكْرَهَ أنْ يَعُودَ في الكُفْرِ كما يَكْرَهُ أنْ يُقْذَفَ في النَّارِ “Whoever possesses the following three qualities will taste the …

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Fear and Hope in Allah

True and praiseworthy fear is that which comes between its possessor and what Allah Most High has prohibited. If it transcends beyond this, it could become hopelessness and despair. Praiseworthy hope is when a person performs acts of obedience through a light from Allah and anticipates His reward, or when one commits a sin and …

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