Download Notes on International Open University’s BAIS Program

By the Grace and Mercy of Allah, I graduated from International Open University’s Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies (BAIS) program. When I was attending, they were known as Islamic Online University. It was a wonderful journey and I learned so much in those 5-6 years! You can read my complete review of the university’s program and my experience there here. Anyone serious about studying Islam and cannot travel overseas should consider it.

I have decided to release my notes for many of the classes offered in the program at the university for a very low price of $5.60 each or a bundle price of $19.99 for all of them and save a lot! This is nothing compared to how much effort I put into the notes. I am doing this because I want to help other students who are either curious about Islamic studies or are currently attending Islamic Online University so that they can use my notes as a supplement to their studies.

I am also intentionally releasing them in Microsoft Word format so that students can add their own contributions to them or just modify them to their liking. However, there are at least five files only that are in PDF format because I lost the original Word format file for them, but the rest are all in Word format!

These are the very notes I used to study for my exams at the university. In fact, they are the only thing I relied on for the exams. This is why you will see, after your purchase, that the notes for each subject are divided into two parts: midterm and final. The midterm covers the first half of the class and the final the second half of the class.

There are two to three classes listed below that are no longer offered by the university and have been replaced by other classes, however, I am still putting forward my notes for them because they were really good and informative classes and I am not sure why the university pulled them out. In addition, please note that the notes below are from my second year at the university and onward because during my first year I took notes on paper only. I switched to digital notes in my second second year of the program. I do have plans to go back and digitize my paper notes from the first year as soon as I get the chance insha’Allah.

Finally, I have provided a few pages of preview for each subject below to give you a small taste of what the notes contain and also so you can decide for yourself if it is something you would benefit from or not. Just click on any of the subjects below for the product purchase page where you can also view sample pages from my notes for each class. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did while penning them down!

If you still have any questions, please contact me. I usually try to respond within 24-hours.