Download Notes on Nouman Ali Khan’s Tafseer of the Quran

Nouman Ali Khan has a gift to simplify the complexity of the Quran in such a beautiful way that the message of the final sacred book resonates with people in everyday life. He is without a doubt the most popular sought out speaker in the West. He provides a full commentary on the Quran on his popular Bayyinah TV website. It requires a monthly subscription of $11 Dollars a month.

I subscribed to the the subscription a few years ago and have gone through a few chapters. I have decided to start releasing my notes. They cover every verse in the Quran based on Khan’s commentary. There are verses that Khan does not cover or does not provide enough commentary on so to compensate, I referred to other books of Quranic exegesis (tafseer) to derive the meaning. In such cases, I label such commentaries by giving the name of the book at the end of the sentence in parentheses. There are only a few verses like that because Khan covers most of it himself.

Please note I did not write down every single detail that Khan provided for the verses but only that which I personally found intriguing and the basic message of the verse so that it is easy to understand with a quick read. I am still going through the lectures and editing the notes so I will release each chapter as soon as I complete it insha’Allah. The list below is what I have completed so far.

The first chapter I am giving away for free so you can get a sense of how I put the notes together and decide if it works for you or not. All other chapters can be purchased for $5.60 for the longer chapters and $3.60 for the shorter chapters. This is very cheap in comparison to the effort and work I put into it. I hope you benefit from them!

I am currently working on the rest of the chapters. As soon as I have them finalized, they will be available as well insha’Allah. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Tafseer Notes from Nouman Ali Khan’s Concise Commentary of the Quran

  1. Al-Fatiha (Free)
  2. Al-Baqarah ($5.60)
  3. Al-Ikhlaas ($3.60)
  4. Al-Falaq ($3.60)
  5. Al-Naas ($3.60)