Brief Explanation of the Words of Salah


Learn the deeper meanings behind every statement of salah. Discover the beauty and power of salah.

Format: PDF

Pages: 32


The five daily prayers are a fundamental part of Islamic lifestyle. It is one of the five pillars of Islam. However, the sad reality is that most Muslims do not understand what they are saying in Arabic to their Lord. This leads to their daily prayers feeling more like chores than a real connection with their Maker. In this brief book, I intend to explain every expression used in the prayer so that they no longer remain just empty words but phrases with real intended meanings.I have intentionally kept this work small and to the point so that it can be quickly read and reviewed on a regular basis to integrate the meanings of the words of salah in the reader’s mind. I hope that through it the reader can learn to build a real connection with Allah in his/her prayer and find real peace and tranquility through his/her worship.



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