Notes on Hanbali Fiqh


English notes on the classical Hanbali fiqh text Akhsar al-Mukhtasarat.

Format: Google Docs (option to download as PDF or DOC)

Pages: 250+


These are my notes on one of the Hanbali classical fiqh text. All the notes are neatly organized in one file with a complete table of contents. This purchase gives you direct viewer access to my Google Docs file on which I am writing the notes. The notes are still in progress and the Google Docs will automatically update every time I add a new section. This means you will also have automatic access to any future editing or refining I do to the notes.

I have provided free access to some of the chapters of fiqh from the text here.

You have the option to download all the notes as PDF or DOC formats whenever you want through Google Docs. I hope to be done with all of the chapters by mid-to-late of this year (2022) insha’Allah.



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