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All Notes From International Open University’s Islamic Studies Degree Program (Bundle Package)


Notes from Islamic Online University’s BAIS program.

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These are my complete notes from the classes at International Open University’s BAIS program. Notes from each subject are divided into two sections: midterm and final. These are the very notes I used to study for the exams in the class. I have graduated and you can read my review of the program here.

Most of the notes are in Word format and some of them are in PDF.


Please note I do not have notes for all of the courses in the BAIS program but just those mentioned below, which is still a lot:

  • AQD 201 – Aqeeda Tahawiyyah
  • AQD 202 – Heresiology/Sects
  • AQD 301 – Comparative Religion I
  • AQD 302 – Comparative Religion II
  • AQD 401 – Angels and Jinns
  • CVN 101 – Islamic Civilization
  • DHD 101 – Da’wah & Du’aat
  • DHD 102 – Contemporary Da’wah Movements
  • ECM 101 – Islamic Economics
  • FQH 201 – Business Transactions I
  • FQH 202 – Family Law
  • FQH 301 – Usul al-Fiqh
  • FQH 302 – Inheritance Law
  • FQH 401 – Criminal Law
  • FQH 402 – Fiqh Maxims
  • HAD 102 – Hadiths on the Best of Islam
  • HST 101 – Islamic History I
  • HST 102 – Islamic History II
  • PSY 102 – Islamic Counseling
  • Child Psychology
  • SER 102 – Seerah II (Medina Period)
  • TAF 101 – Sciences of the Qur’an
  • TAF 201 – Tafsir Soorah Yaasin
  • TAF 202 – Tafsir Soorah al-Kahf

After your purchase is complete, the downloadable links to the files will be e-mailed to you insha’Allah. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact me.


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