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Asslam u Aliekum,

The Thinking Muslim is a project dedicated to showing the correct and accurate information about Islam and refute misconceptions and attacks against our beautiful religion. I also produce videos and release free notes related to tafseer, fiqh, usool, and other materials related to Islamic studies. I love preparing free materials for my fellow brothers and sisters in faith in the hopes of benefiting them in this life and the next.

In order to cover costs for the website and the time it takes to prepare the materials, I used to run Google Ads on this website. However, I want viewers to have a better and smoother user experience, therefore, I decided to no longer run ads on this website. I also noticed that some of the ads being presented by Google were inappropriate.

Your donation will help me continue the website ads-free and also assist me in continuing to publish free materials and make free videos on YouTube. Please consider becoming a recurring supporter even if it is with just $5.00/month. Of course, this is an optional request and you are free to continue to benefit from the free material regardless of whether you choose to donate or not.

JazzakAllah Khair!
Rameez Abid


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