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Tafseer of Surah al-Qadr

إِنَّا أَنزَلْنَاهُ فِي لَيْلَةِ الْقَدْرِ Indeed, We sent the Qur’an down during the Night of al-Qadr (Laylat al-Qadr) Meaning, we sent down this miraculous Qur’an to you, O Muhammad (pbuh), during a noble night called Laylat al-Qadr. It is called by this name due to its honor and high rank with Allah. It is a …

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Surah Al-Naas: A Brief Explanation

Introduction This chapter was revealed during the Meccan period. It is one of the two al-Mu’awwidhatan (المعوذتان), which some translate as ‘the verses of refuge’, in the Qur’an. The other one being Surah al-Falaq. In this chapter, there is mention of seeking protection and refuge in the Lord from the evil of the greatest enemy: …

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