Dawah/Non-Muslims, Seerah (Prophet's Life)

Controversy Over Maria the Copt, the Concubine of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

In this video, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi covers the 8-10th year of Hijrah and the death of his son Ibrahim. Also covered are the topics of: -Maria the Coptic (Maria al-Qibtiyya) who was gifted to the Prophet (pbuh) by Juraih ibn Meena (Cyrus of Alexandria), the Patriarch from Egypt, as a custom of that time -Death of Ibrahim, the son of Prophet (pbuh) -Traditions and customs of previous generations such as slavery and multiple wives (ie, Multiple wives of Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon in the bible) -Concept of prisoners of war (POW) in Islam It is imperative and necessary to…

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